Northern Cardinals

Did you know that the red ‘Angry bird’ was modeled after the red Northern Cardinal?

Identification: The Northern Cardinal’s gender is distinguished by its color, the red variant is male, and the brownish olive one is female. Their mood is expressed by the crown of feathers on the top of their heads. Those feathers are lowered when they are calm and relaxed.

Habits: What we have observed at our Bird Day Parties feeder in Texas is the male and female tend to keep each other company and frequently feed each other with their beaks. The cardinal pair appear to be kissing from a distance when they do this, we have several videos that captured these moments!

Timing: The cardinals are truly early birds because they tend to arrive before the sun rises. They are also the last ones to leave the feeder late in the evening .. shortly after sundown.

Feeding: Their favorite food is black-oiled sunflower seeds, like the Blue Jay and Doves. The northern cardinals like to dine at the feeder, cracking open each seed with their short powerful beaks. They also like shelled raw peanuts and safflower seeds.

Equipment: We use the Reolink line of cameras to capture our bird friends at Bird Day Parties. The Reolink cameras not only have a high resolution and high frame rate, they are easy to setup and work with.

Feeders: Don’t throw those card board boxes away! They can be cut down and used to hold bird seed! After a day or two, put the box in your recyclable bin and start a new fresh one. If you prefer a stationary one, please check out Kingsyard products that has a lifetime warranty.

Will the Norther Cardinal bird find the hidden food at the Bird Day Parties bird feeder?

Do Northern Cardinals show affection with kissing while feeding at the recyclable bird feeder?

Male red northern cardinal enjoying black oiled sunflower seeds at the Bird Day Party feeder

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