Blue Jays

Are the blue-colored birds in the Angry Bird game Blue jays?

Identification: Blue jays are part of the Corvidae family and are most beautiful in their blue feathers. They have a crest similar to the Northern Cardinal that projects their mood with the crest’s orientation.

Habits: These birds are powerful and land hard on the feeder, which causes a loud thump heard through the window.
They love to sing as if to announce their arrival in the area. They may be trying to wake me up to put food in the feeder.

Timing: Blue jays arrive in our area with their loud song and will use their voice to scare off other birds.

Feedings: We did several experiments to see food preferences among various birds (Finches, Doves, Chickadees, etc.). The favorite for Blue jays is unshelled, unsalted, raw peanuts. They would break them open with their beaks by pecking on the shell. I’ve also found them burying the peanuts in our backyard. The food storage for later consumption is a sign of planning and elevated intelligence not seen in other species of birds.

Equipment: We use the Reolink dome camera with advanced capabilities to capture all videos at the Bird Day Parties feeder.

Reolink RLC-823A 8MP PTZ PoE IP Camera with Advanced Person/Vehicle Detection – $187.49
Retail Price: $249.99
You Save: $62.50

Feeders: Don’t throw those card board boxes away! They can be cut down and used to hold bird seed! After a day or two, put the box in your recyclable bin and start a new fresh one. If you prefer a stationary one, please check out Kingsyard products that has a lifetime warranty.

Hungry family of Blue Jays at the bird feeder

Where did this Blue Jay learn how to laugh?

Blue Jay trying to scare off the White Wing Dove

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